A Nicaraguan Artist; Host; Producer; Performer.


A Television Producer and Host: Hosted her own Karaoke Program on TV. Transmitted through Channel 8 nationally. Producer and conductor of its own program of Radio: Light My Fire and Regresando A Casa con Martha Vaughan. Transmitted through two of the most prestigious Radio Stations in the country: Radio Juvenil and Radio Majic.

Producer and Mistress of Ceremony in events of much relevance for prestigious companies around the country and internationally.

She is one of the best and more recognized NICARAGUAN PERFORMER, that has worked with the most outstanding musicians and orchestras of the country.

She sings in several languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

She is versatile, sings in diverse musical styles: Ballads, Boleros, Rock, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Jazz, etc.

She has produced and presented spectacular shows in the most prestigious places of Nicaragua, and internationally including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica with her own musical and choreographic group.

To date she has accumulated over 29 years of experience as a professional artist, performer and entertainer in the most exclusive night clubs, national television and radio stations.

She showed her artistic inclinations from early age. Started as an artist at 16 years old, being welcomed by the best Bands of Latin Rock.

She was the in-house performer for the popular TV show Septimo Libre transmitted on Sundays.

She diversified from performer to producer and director of her own live musical presentations through radio and television.

Studied Production of Television, Singing, Scenic Expression, Dance, Theater, and Vocal Techniques.

Also studied Solfeo, Guitar, Flute and History of Music in the National School of Music of Nicaragua.

She studied International Relations through a program presented by the Ministry of Exterior of the Republic of Nicaragua graduating with honors.

She studied advanced English at the American School of Nicaragua, Central American University (UCA) and in San Francisco, California.

Her academic studies were made in religious and private Schools: The Asuncion of Managua and Santa Teresita de Masaya.

She has been successful in all her activities being recognized and loved by all Nicaraguans.

She has been sponsored by the companies that handle the biggest P.R. accounts. Her present performances continue enjoying great affluence from the public. Her programs and events are very welcome throughout her fans.

At the present time her fans are still demanding her return to television, given the success of the Karaoke TV Program presented Monday through Friday, during the year 2001, on Channel 8 TV Station.

She currently resides in the Bay Area, Northern California and is working on her new musical material with the prestigious musician, pianist and composer Norman Landsberg.